Healthy coral reefs with text overlay stating CCell is now a Solar Impusle Solution


CCell is now a World Alliance Solution

Magda Nawrocka-Weekes

by Magda Nawrocka-Weekes


We are proud to annouce our acceptance into Solar Impulse's World Alliance of Efficient Solutions.

Joining the ranks of 1000 global solutions that will change the world, CCell has been certified as a profitable, sustainable and efficient solution by the Solar Impulse Foundation.

Healthy coral reefs with text overlay stating CCell is now a Solar Impusle Solution

In 2016 the Solar Impulse flight made history as the first fully solar-powered aircraft to successfully circumnavigate the globe. Flying 40,000 km, the two pilots, Bertrand Piccard and André Borschberg, aimed to promote renewable energies' viability. These two men started the Solar Impulse Foundation to highlight Efficient Solutions for the World's greatest problems. From sustainable cities to clean water, the World Alliance is searching for profitable solutions that just might change the world.

Founder Bertrand Piccard explained that the goal is to bridge the gap between economy and ecology. The Piccard family are known for the breaking of several world records. Bertrand's grandfather was the first man to see the curvature of the earth from space. His father reached record-breaking depths in the ocean within his Bathyscaph. Of course Bertrand's own globe-circling feats, by balloon in 1991 and on the power of light (Solar Impulse) in 2016, carry on this tradition. Not only has the family made their mark scientifically, but culturally the Star Trek character Jean-Luc Piccard is named after twin brothers in the family Auguste and Jean Piccard.

A medical doctor by training Bertrand Piccard believes that solutions have to take into account peoples base reluctance to make sacrifices. It is often said that we humans don't easily change our habits. By providing simple and viable alternatives to everyday actions, ones that take into account human comfort, mobility and economic development, the transition to less destructive lifestyles can be streamlined. The solutions are based on five of the UN's sustainable development goals. To read more about how CCell meets 6, SDGs read our blog post.

CCell is excited to be accepted as a member of this World Alliance. Through a long, expert-verified process, CCell laid out our strategy to help build more sustainable infrastructure, to protect and preserve the planet's marine ecosystems and to capture renewable energy one wave at a time. To read over a summary of our solution, its implementation strategy and much more, take a look at our page on Solar Impulse: CCell's Solution

An isometric model of the porposed CCell solition which uses electricity to grow coral reefs

A model of CCell's Solution , which uses a safe electrical current from renewable sources to buildup limestone rock and create beautiful artifical reefs.

CCell now joins the ranks of other world-changing solutions including, ways to scoop up and recycle plastic pollution, electrical motorcycles, gravity-fed water filters and Urban Saffron farms. Each of these solutions hopes to pave the way for more sustainable practices while also being profitable and aligning with sustainable development goals.

This formal recognition is a wonderful start to the year for CCell. As we look forwards at 2021, we have many interesting projects coming, which we are excited to share with you. From reef projects to coral research, we would love to keep you informed every step of the way. The best way to stay up to date with CCell and our updates is to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter. Here we will be announcing projects and partnerships over the coming year. We recently even had a live Q&A session which you can catch up on here: #AskCCell Q&A Session.

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