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We offer a natural, beautiful, long-term solution to counter increased global coastal erosion. By growing artificial coral reefs faster than in nature, CCell provides coastal protection, enhances marine ecosystems and promotes tourism.

Our Mission

To protect beaches by growing beautiful coral reefs using 100% renewable energy. CCell’s natural solution, with multiple benefits, will transform the traditional coastal protection industry.

We have worked tirelessly to engineer a beautifully simple system that works with nature. Creating a long-term solution, which protects coasts from erosion while enhancing marine ecosystems.

Welcome to our future!

Rendering of CCell system infront of beach
Beach Nourishment
Marine Ecosystems
Tourist Attraction


More than 70% of global coastlines are being eroded, with climate change as a major contributing factor.

Thankfully, Coral reefs are an excellent natural protection for coastal regions. They can absorb 97% of the wave energy, and globally they reduce wave heights, on average, by 84%.

Unfortunately, the majority of these valuable ecosystems have died and those that remain are severely at risk. They need our help!

Coral Destruction from Bahamas Hurricane
Coral Destruction from Bahamas Hurricane


We create steel structures which are electrified with a small current that causes seawater minerals to grow around them, forming calcium carbonate rock, very similar to natural reefs.

This technique, which was first pioneered by Dr Wolf Hilbertz, accelerates the formation of reefs, enabling limestone rock that would normally take 100s of years to form, to amass in less than 5 years.

The reefs can be powered using CCell’s patented wave energy technology, or with grid or solar power.

What We Do


Measuring bathymetry, marine life and environmental conditions.


Simulating the impact of differing reef designs on beach nourishment.


Procurement, fabrication and delivery of CCell.


Managing assembly and installation with local contractors.


Remote monitoring and annual site surveys, with ongoing support.