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We provide ecological coastal protection that works in harmony with nature

Our Mission is to combat coastal erosion by working with nature to restore a sustainable balance to coastal environments and bring lasting protection to communities around the world.


The Problem

Over 51% of global coastlines are being eroded as climate change drives the formation of larger waves and more frequent storms. This threatens coastal infrastructure, marine ecosystems, and the livelihoods of 10% of the world's population.

Until recently, many have relied on the natural protection offered by coral reefs that, on average, reduce wave intensity by 97%. Unfortunately, the majority of these reefs have already died, and due to an increasing number of stressors in their environment around 90% are projected to be lost by 2040. This would leave over 200 million people more exposed to intensifying storms.

Our Solution

We design digitised underwater structures that mimic the behaviour of natural coral reefs. These structures protect the coastline by interrupting waves well before they can reach the shore, reducing their power and their erosive impact.

Our structures also provide an ideal habitat for a wide range of marine life. As coral and similar calcareous organisms naturally attach themselves, the structures become the heart of long-term living ecosystems that can be monitored remotely as they evolve with time.

Our Coverage
Our Technology

The Digital Reef

We design high-tech steel structures that dampen waves both by inducing turbulence and by causing them to break before they impact the shore.

Our digital system continually monitors the environment and provides a safe electrical current to the reef. This causes seawater minerals to crystallise into calcareous rock: the same rock found in natural reefs.

Within a year this transforms into a living reef that adapts and evolves with time. The reef can be powered using CCell’s wave energy technology, wind, solar or grid power.


Reinventing coastal protection from the ground up

Through a relentless cycle of innovation we are transforming coastal protection from the way we survey and model the natural environment, through to the design of ecological reefs and their installation.

Reef Assembly
Material Science

Cutting-edge electrochemical research enhances our ability to grow high strength rock as quickly as possible.

Reef Structures

The core of our reef is formed from our patented design comprising lightweight modular units that can be stacked together.

Numerical Modelling

High-power computing drives our intricate numerical simulations of waves, currents and energy dissipation by the reef, enabling us to optimise and customise our design.

Digital Electronics

Monitoring and precise distribution of renewable energy stimulates rock and coral growth where it is needed.

Our Advantages

mm/month of limestone rock

5 kW

to power a 200m reef


reduction in CO2 emissions


less energy consumption overall


of marine life depends on reefs


renewable energy utilisation

Our Impact

CCell reefs protect the homes and livelihoods of coastal communities, offering them long-term security against erosion and severe events.


CCell reefs are the perfect backbone for coral or oysters to thrive upon and offer a haven for marine life, just like natural reefs.

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Through community engagement we support ocean and coastal conservation, including the establishment of marine protected zones.

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