Living Reefs Foundation - Coral Garden Initiative

BIOS Research Project, Bermuda

CCell has sent a Smart Power Management system out to Bermuda for a study into the effect of electrolysis on the rates of Coral growth.

Happy team with PTO ready for testing

PTO Lab Testing, National Physical Laboratory

Tara Presenting to Belgian Television

United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP24), Katowice

Newy deployed CCell-Wave device

Deployed Test Pilot, Mexico

Reversing the Tide Vancouver

Reversing the Tide, Vancouver Canada

Ocean Summit: The Future of the Oceans

Ocean Summit: The Future of the Oceans, The Hague

Dr Goreau presenting BioRock at the SOS Conference of Manado

Ocean SOS conference, Manado, Indonesia

Tara Massoudi presenting CCell at the Sustainable and Tourism Summit in Cancun

Sustainable and Social Tourism Summit, Cancun, Mexico

Tara Massoudi meet the President of the Royal Commission 1851, her Royal Highness the Princess Royal

Royal Academy of Engineering – Enterprise Fellowship Award