Invest in CCell (EIS Approved)

CCell is on a mission to combat coastal erosion by working with nature to grow beautiful living reefs and collect data.

We are not currently raising investment, however to join the next wave please register below.

Who can invest?
How do I invest?
Register your interest on this page and we'll send you a link to the campaign.
How much are we asking for?
Our target is to raise around £200k during this round. With a follow on raise for £1M - £2M led by funds in the autumn / spring of 2023.
Is the funding EIS eligible?
Yes, we are EIS eligible.
This means zero CGT and 30% of your investment back within your next annual tax bill. Please check the the details of the EIS scheme. Read full terms and conditions.
Why do we need the money?
  • Sales and Marketing
    • Building a global brand and raising technology awareness.
    • Developing a robust sales pipeline.
  • Scaling
    • Tooling and equipment for manufacturing and installation.
    • Automation of processes.
    • Development of standards.
  • Partnerships and Subsidiaries
    • Expand global reach through licencing agreements.
    • Establishing new subsidiaries.
  • Working Capital
    • Providing cashflow to purchase materials and components and implement new client projects.
  • System Refinements
    • Enhance wave attenuation and optimise rock growth rates.
    • Increase reliability and efficiency of power electronics.
    • Develop scalable modular reef elements. Develop new anchors.
  • Reduce CO2 Footprint
    • Incorporate used steel.
    • Developing sustainable bio-based elements.
    • Integrate seagrass meadows around reef.
  • Living Reef
    • Build electrically enhanced coral hatcheries.
    • Add plug-and-play connectivity for external sensors.
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