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Solar Pannels in a field with the words Renewable energy: Poland’s Bright Future overlaid. Title card for a CCell blog.

Renewable energy: Poland’s Bright Future

With an ailing coal industry Poland is turning to renewable energy. Recent renewable developments - from wind farms to electric buses are growing in popularity, and could also boost the country's economy. However, there are warnings this may not be quite enough to tackle environmental damage.

Environment - 17/07/20
A mold made out of wooden ribs used to manufacture a 5 by 3 meter fiber-reinforced CCell paddle. With the words
Cross-cultural Collaboration: 3 Important Lessons

Our head of overseas operations, Sam Udelman, shares three key lessons for cross-cultural collaboration, from staying flexible to breaking down your own biases.

Environment - 12/06/20
Waves with the text CCell 2020: Relaunching our blog
CCell’s blog is back and better than ever...

A quick catch up on our 2020 journey so far and the next steps for our online platform. From crowdfunding, to setting up in Mexico, to relaunching our blog 2020 has been busy for the CCell team, that’s why we’re reaching out to amplify marginalised voices in science.

Environment - 16/10/19
Sustainable development goals and CCell
Sustainable Development Goals and CCell

How we and other compaines work towards a fairer more sustainable world using the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Environment - 26/09/19
An Early Warning from Coral Spawning, a
An Early Warning from Coral Spawning

The intricately timed spawning events of several coral species may be getting more erratic, serving as an early warning system for their possible decline.

Environment - 20/09/19
Adapting to the climate crisis (restored saltmarshes along the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia).
Adapting to the Climate Crisis

A recent report by the Global Commission on Adaptation calls for revolutions in understanding, planning and finance to accelerate adaptation for crucial systems within our world to help combat the climate crisis.

Environment - 06/09/19
Scientists have discovered up to 30 species of Coral that have adapted to live in climates harsher than 2100 ocean predictions.
Super Coral discovered in mangrove swamps

Scientists have discovered up to 30 species of Coral that have adapted to live in climates harsher than 2100 ocean predictions.

Environment - 10/09/19
A submerged car and windswept trees in the wake of Hurricane Dorian with “Give2Bahamas” superimposed.

CCell is setting up a page to help fund relief work for those affected by Hurricane Dorian.

Environment - 06/09/19
Keeping it green at CCell. Our CCell-Wave catures 100% renewable energy
Keeping it green at CCell

What we do, as a company, to curb our carbon footprint.