Keeping it green at CCell. Our CCell-Wave catures 100% renewable energy

Keeping it green at CCell

Magda Nawrocka-Weekes

by Magda Nawrocka-Weekes


What we do, as a company, to curb our carbon footprint.

In celebration of Zero Waste Week, we thought we would talk about how our company curbs our emissions and keeps as green as possible.

Keeping it green at CCell. Our CCell-Wave catures 100% renewable energy

Our passion for the environment drives everything we do.

On a personal level
, many members of the office have a vegetarian or vegan diet. Considering the recent fires in the Amazon, it has become clearer than ever that we can't continue to eat meat at the rate we have before. With animal agriculture being responsible for over 91% of deforestation, and up to 2 acres of rainforest cleared every second, many of us have chosen to stop supporting the meat industry. On top of this, some of our members live a Low Impact Lifestyle, where they try to produce as little waste as possible from food and other necessities. This means bringing in leftovers, only buying packaging-free food and swapping plastic items for their more sustainable alternatives. In addition to how we eat, we are also very conscious of how we travel; we all either take public transport, cycle or walk to work. We even opt for conference calls and skype meetings which keep our travel expenses and emissions low.

Within the office
, we use low energy lightbulbs, powered by a renewable energy provider, and all our office appliances from the coffeemaker to the projector are as energy-efficient as possible. We have also committed to being a paperless office which not only saves paper but limits the use of hard-to-recycle ink cartridges. We also compost and recycle more than three-quarters of our waste. This is relatively easy to achieve since we are all conscious of the waste we produce and how it can be recycled. Within the office we also have a few green-thumbs, they help with our ever-growing collection of plants. While they don't clean the air as initially thought they add a beautiful touch of nature to our office space.

Outside the office
, we are doing our best to make as positive an environmental impact as possible. The method CCell uses for growing reefs is powered by 100% renewable energy, captured by the CCell-Wave. To reduce air miles, we have developed a way to use the skills and workshops of local boat builders to create the wave-capture paddle. Not only does this boost the local economy, but it reduced the shipment of parts from all over the world and allows more customizable and environmentally adapted paddles to be made. The excess energy that the CCell-Wave captures can be fed back into the local grid and in some cases, such as remote islands, would be ideal to power the whole community. Our work growing coral reefs and protecting coastlines from erosion also has positive effects on marine life and for the livelihoods of coastal communities. We also try to keep our international travel to a minimum. Where possible, we take the slower, more environmentally conscious route or we offset our emissions through companies like Sea Trees and Eden Reforestation.

At CCell we believe in making positive environmental choices, be them big or small, and by doing so, we will work together towards a greener more eco-conscious future. A love for the planet and a willingness to protect it is at the core of everything we do.

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