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A Positive Socio-Economical Impact

A Diverse Marine Environment

A Strong Educative Outreach

At CCell, our environmental impact and client success go hand in hand.

Our solutions help immediately tackle four United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and our focus on widespread engagement and education outreach helps us to reach our goal for climate resilience within coastal communities.


Tourism serves as the main income source for many coastal communities around the globe

CCell reefs protect the homes and livelihoods of such coastal communities, offering them long-term security against erosion and severe climate events.

By reducing wave strength, the reefs also enable sand cover to be retained on their beaches, which in-turn drives more tourism for the region. This is helping local hotels and small businesses to thrive sustainably creating a positive knock-on effect on the local economies.

11-Sustainable Cities 13-Climate Action
Social Scene at Beach
A family enjoying a day at the local beach in Playa Tortugas on the Mexican Riviera Maya Coast.

CCell reefs are the perfect backbones upon which calcareous organism can grow

Corals or bivalves are able to rapidly thrive upon our reefs, and they offer a growing haven for diverse marine life; just like natural reefs. With our technology, there is no need for interventions that call to import sand or silt to fill preventive bags, nor to install polluting plastic-lined tubing, nor place costly concrete blocks to deter the waves.

Our solutions are also powered by 100% renewable energy sources.

All these factors combine to make CCell the most economically, aesthetically and carbon-footprint-conscious solution that is available today to combat coastal erosion.

12-Responsible Production 14-Life Below Water
Baby Brain Coral
Our reefs promote a wide range of calcareous organisms, such as this baby Pseudodiploria clivosa (Knobby Brain Coral) to form at accelerated rates in its surrounding areas.

We have a strong emphasis on educative outreach

Our scientifically experienced team strives to actively work with local communities and governments to help raise awareness about coastal sustainability. CCell reef structures have the potential to become accessible, live research sites for marine biologists, divers and snorkellers; reducing the tourism related stresses put on natural reefs.

Our efforts also include working towards the establishment of marine protected areas (MPAs) surrounding our reefs.

By collaborating with key stakeholders within the communities we operate in, we are enabling more successful, sustainable communities that are ready for the changing future with our solutions.


4-Quality Education 17-Partnerships
Will Bateman giving presenting
Dr Will Bateman presenting to members of the Telchac community in Mexico.
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