A step change in performance, with the highest known power to weight ratio of any wave energy device.

CCell-Wave is a wave energy converter consisting of a composite paddle hinged at the seabed, that efficiently captures wave energy, converting it into electricity. The biomimicry design with its curved profile is naturally strong and designed from the outset for extreme conditions. Composite materials make CCell-Wave light-weight and durable, and through minor adjustments during manufacture, we optimise for the prevailing site conditions adjacent to the BioRock reef.

CCell-Wave composite paddle

How is CCell-Wave Different ?


CCell-Wave's curved design harnesses power from both the inner and outer faces. This makes the 'effective width' 30% greater than its actual width, which generates more power from each wave.

CCell-Wave is designed to focus incoming waves towards its strong central core, efficiently driving the paddle back and forth. Similarly, CCell-Wave’s convex shoreward face cuts smoothly through the water, reducing energy losses.

A distinguishing feature of CCell-Wave is the smooth transition of energy from the waves into the paddle, which reduces turbulent losses and slamming loads. The device also has remarkable survivability in extreme waves, with excess energy smoothly channelled over the paddle.

Effective Width Increase


CCell-Wave's curved paddle uses 90% less material than an equivalent flat wave energy converter with the same width and height.

The use of glass fibre composite materials makes the paddle even lighter, while also being durable against corrosion in the sea.

All parts of the CCell-Wave system can be handled manually, avoiding the need for mechanical lifting equipment.

Stress on Flat & Curved Paddles
Yield Stresses (N/m2)
Material Yield Strength = 290M Pa


Simplicity is our #1 design criteria for every part of CCell-Wave. We are on a relentless drive to reduce the number of components, their weight and the ease with which they are manufactured and assembled.,

Only by stripping everything back to the bare essentials are we able to focus on what matters and produce a truly remarkable machine.

It's really complicated to make something simple, but very simple to make something complicated.

Asanda Kutwana
CCell-Wave paddle parts
CCell modular parts