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Our mission is to protect beaches from erosion.

In 2013 our team started developing a patented wave energy technology with £2m of non-equity investment from EU/UK governments. We are now beginning commercialisation, starting with a full-scale validation project at the heart of our target market in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Here we are installing 200m of artificial reef using our CCell technologies.

For a limited time, you’ll be able to purchase a stake in CCell for as little as £10. This will fund the validation project and expansion across the Caribbean, while allowing you to share in the success of the business.

Our CCell wave paddle captures 100% renewable energy, which drives an electrolysis process to grow artificial coral reefs. These reefs provide crucial coastal protection from storms and support vulnerable marine ecosystems, while also boosting jobs for local communities and promoting ecotourism.

Our latest project sees CCell partnered with local and national government alongside NGOs and local businesses to install CCell reefs along part of the Mexican coast as a full-scale validation project.

To make this happen we have established a fantastic team in Mexico. We also have the backing of key NGOs and agencies in the Mexican Government, which include a partnership with The National Institute of Fisheries and Agriculture to restore corals.

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