Protecting coasts from erosion, enhancing coral reefs, and promoting tourism.

Coastal Protection

Creating an active breakwater to protect shores from erosion and enhance beaches.

With climate change, storms are becoming more frequent and ferocious, leading to the accelerated erosion of coastlines. This leaves many coastal communities and low lying areas increasingly vulnerable to flooding and property damage.

Existing methods for protecting coastlines, including seawalls, revetments, and dykes, are expensive, use a lot of concrete and rarely look good. By contrast, coral reefs are a natural and sustainable solution, which are known to reduce wave heights by 84% on average.

The accelerated growth of reefs using electrolytic technology powered by CCell technologies, provides long-term coastal protection and enhances marine habitats.

Coral Destruction from Bahamas Hurricane
Destruction to seawall from Hurricane Matthew in 2016.
Freeport, Bahamas.

CCell Technologies:

  • 72% cheaper
  • Restores natural breakwaters
  • As strong as concrete
  • Self-repairing
  • A permanent solution
Artificial Coral Reef Installation

Seawater Electrolysis:

  • Corals grow faster
  • Safe for tourists with low voltage current
  • Custom designed reefs
  • Restoring marine ecosystems

Coral Reefs

Building beautiful new coral reefs.

Coral reefs contribute an estimated £108 billion per year to the global economy and provide a habitat for 25% of all known marine species.

Unfortunately, the world has lost over half of all its coral reefs, with the World Resources Institute (WRI) estimating that 75% of the those remaining are under threat.

Climate change is increasing the stress on corals, with rising water temperatures and acidity leading to bleaching and ultimately to their death.

Once a core CCell reef structure has been grown, corals can be planted onto the structure forming a symbiotic relations: The electrolysis helps the corals to grow; while the corals enhance the effectiveness and beauti of the reef.


Maintaining beautiful beaches and creating new and exciting dive sites right in front of your property.

The customisable reefs, create an added revenue stream for the region by providing accessible dive and snorkeling sites. They also promote ecotourism and help business deliver on their corporate and social responsibilities.

Coral Reef Dive site
Image courtesy of


  • 1.3B Holiday makers travel internationally
  • £2 B dive tourism industry
  • Excursion revenue can cover costs in just 2 years
  • Promoting ecotourism
  • Sustainable recreational fishing

Sustainable Development

Working towards a more sustainable and fair future.

CCell falls under the remit of five Sustainable Development Goals as laid out by the United Nations.

We do this by working to boost fisheries, tackle the loss of coral due to ocean acidification and ensuring communities are protected from the worst effects of climate change.

Our cutting-egde industry practices and use of recycled rebar allow us to create custom shapes which are available for sponsorship. When installed on our reefs these shapes provide additional habitats for reef fish and other marine life.

To find out more about our work on completing these goals, please read our blog post or watch our latest talk from London Climate Action Week.