BioRock is a proven electrolytic process for growing artificial coral reefs at accelerated rates.

Pioneered and developed by the Global Coral Reef Alliance, this process has been demonstrated to increased rates of coral growth by 3-5 times.

The core of a BioRock reef is a steel mesh that defines the main structure and shape of the reef. This can be of virtually any shape or size and can use any locally available steel.

A small low voltage current is then passed through the seawater, between a positively charged plate (the anode) and the steel mesh (the cathode). This causes the accretion of seawater minerals, mostly calcium carbonate, around the cathode, forming the equivalent of limestone rock.

The rock grows at a rate of approximately 2.5cm per year around the steel forming a strong structure, similar to reinforced concrete. These minerals grow around the steel structure to form a porous reef, creating ideal habitats for fish and marine species, while also supporting coral growth.

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Global Coral Reef Alliance

The Global Coral Reef Alliance (GCRA) is a non-profit organisation consisting of scientists and researchers dedicated to protecting the world's valuable coral reefs.

Led by Dr. Tom Goreau and building on the work of Professor Wolf Hilbertz, the GCRA have been researching and developing the BioRock technology for over 30 years.

The method has been uniquely applied to solving a wide variety of marine and coastal problems including coral reef and fishery habitat restoration, shoreline protection, and erosion control measures.

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