TSB PoC Funding Award

September 2013

Technology Strategy Board has granted Zyba and our consortium funding to undertake a detailed Proof of Concept.

The TSB has awarded our consortium further funding under the "Step Change in Efficiency" initiative to undertake fundamental Proof of Concept work on the CCell concept.

This project will evolve our numerical CFD and FEM tools, develop a control system, undertake half scale laboratory studies, and investigate the optimal approach for powering RO desalination plants using CCell.

This is a welcome show of support for CCell from the TSB and a vote of confidence in the skills and experience evident within the consortium.

The team is thrilled with the news and is looking forward to the challenging year ahead.

Proof of Concept funding secured

UK Patent Granted

March 2013

Patent application GB2490515 is grant in the UK

A comprehensive patent that covered all asymmetric paddle shapes has been granted in the UK.

Zyba is now pursuing international patent protection in Australia, China, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, South Africa, and the USA.

Zyba is granted a UK patent for CCell & files a global patent for a number of key countries

Completion of PoM Phase

January 2013

The team at Zyba completed the PoM work on time and to budget

A challenging year of research and investigation has led to the completion of the first phase of the CCell project funded by the TSB, the Proof of Market.

The results of this stage strongly suggest that there is indeed a substantial market for CCell as long as significant economic and performance milestones can be acheived.

The TSB have been particularly pleased with the progress made, the use of the budget and the end results. Following from this success, Zyba is endeavouring to push forward with development and work with the TSB in the future.

The Technology Strategy Board

CCell completes the initial PoM phase on time and on budget