Catalyst Funding Award

June 2015

Innovate UK and EPSRC award £1.8M to accelerate the development of CCell.

Innovate UK and the EPSRC have granted our consortium further funding for the research and development of CCell over the next three years.

This project will deliver our next generation floating device made from composite materials and controlled by a new dynamic power take-off system. Through rapid prototyping and short development cycles, the project will deploy nine 20kW units within three years. Several of these will be deployed to provide power to two remote islands.

This is a welcome show of support for CCell from Innovate UK and secures the development of this technology.

"CCell win £1.8M to develop the next generation CCell units"

Near Shore Testing

February 2015

Zyba deploys a large scale CCell device in Cumbria.

The first offshore trials of CCell are undertaken in Cumbria, with the experiment concluding six months of work to optimise manufacturing, installation and operation of a steel device at a near shore location.

Power was extracted through a hydraulic system with onshore controls.