Innovate UK Exhibition

November 2014

Zyba debuts CCell at the Innovate UK Event at Old Billingsgate, London.

CCell was selected as one of the top 200 UK innovations to exhibit at the event, showcasing groundbreaking British technologies.

This was the perfect opportunity to launch CCell into the wider renewable energy community. The team spent the last four weeks furiously preparing for the event and the two days did not disappoint, with CCell winning the Peer-to-Peer award for the most inspirational exhibit as voted by event delegates.

The team was overwhelmed with the show of interest and would like to thank everyone who visited the exhibit and voted for CCell.

"CCell Wins Innovate UK Peer-to-Peer Award for the most inspirational innovation of 2014."

A Fifth Scale Paddle Testing at Plymouth University

May 2014

Half-Scale Conical CCell further validates small scale trials and theoretical modelling

A fifth scale CCell paddle, constructed of aluminium, was trialled at the University of Plymouths' ocean wave basin over a two week period, which gave Zyba and The University of Bath the opportunity to test a near complete system, incorporating dynamic control and power take-off.

Generated power was delivered to the national grid, which we believe is a first for laboratory trials of this type. The work also provided significant data for further research and development, and is helping to confirm theoretical and small scale laboratory results.

University of Plymouth Wave Tank Facility Video

"CCell delivers 65% of available power to the national grid"

University of Cumbria Funding

January 2014

Zyba receives funding from the University of Cumbria to fabricate and test full-scale devices

In collaboration with MPM, Zyba was awarded funding for the fabrication of two 10kW full-scale paddles for testing in a nearshore area off the coast of Maryport, Cumbria.

During the early part of the year, the team will be focused on establishing a licence for a nearshore testing facility at Maryport. (Update: Granted by the MCA in October.)

Partnering with MPM and the University of Cumbria has allowed Zyba to substantially progress the development of the paddles and help develop skills in the local community.

"CCell receives funding from the University of Cumbria"