TSB PoM Funding Award

February 2012

Technology Strategy Board has granted Zyba funding for Proof of Market research.

The project will establish sites throughout the world that have the appropriate mix of ocean wave conditions, topography, demand, infrastructure, and political support / stability to facilitate the deployment of the CCell technology for sea-water desalination.The team would like to thank the TSB for their support.

The team would like to thank the TSB for their support. The SMART intiative

"27% of fixed desalination sites require 10-50kW of power, an ideal target market for first generation CCell units."

UCL - 1m Laboratory Tests

March 2012

A comparative study of curved and flat paddles, each 1m wide, at UCL

Laboratory tests have been performed on a selection of curved and flat paddle shapes, to assess the relative importance of the CCell curvature in absorbing wave energy in the wave flumes at UCL.

The curvature of the CCell paddles not only increased the forces and power delivered to the piston, but there was also a noticeable reduction in turbulence around the paddles. Crucially, the tests demonstrated that the curved CCell paddles would extract energy from the waves both within a wave crest and wave trough.

The tests have validated the concept, but we remain concerned about the validity of the larger performance gains observed as the paddles occupied approximate 2/5th of the laboratory tank's width.

"CCell capture width in excess of 130% observed."

UCL - 0.5m Laboratory Tests

September 2012

A comparative study of curved and flat paddle concepts, each 0.5m wide, at UCL

Tests undertaken earlier in the year have been repeated to investigate a range of alternative design concepts with paddles that are now 0.5m wide (1/5th the width of the tank).

The step-change in performance observed previously was repeated and enhanced by extending the depth (front to back) of the curved paddles.

"Curved CCell paddle delivers 2-3x more power than an equivalent flat paddle of the same size."