Our vision has always been to use the energy within waves to enhance our environment.
Engineering a beautifully simple system that works with nature, not against it, to protect coasts from erosion, support coral reefs and deliver sustainable power.
Welcome to our future.


Coral reefs are a great natural protection for coastal regions. They take up to 97% of the energy out of the wave and reduce wave heights by 84% on average.

Unfortunately, we have destroyed the majority of these valuable ecosystems and those that remain are severely at risk.

Waves are the primary cause of erosion, yet they carry a readily accessible supply of energy that we can capture and use.

Mineral accretion technology uses a safe, low voltage electrical current within seawater to form limestone rock identical to that found in coral reefs and tropical white sand beaches.

Dr. Wolf Hilbertz.


We use energy from the waves to power underwater electrolysis to form limestone rock around steel mesh placed on the seabed. This technique was pioneered by BioRock to create artificial reefs, accelerating the accretion of limestone from 100s of years to less than 5.

CCell is an innovative technology that moves with the waves to simultaneously harness and dampen energy within the waves.

CCell and BioRock together, form a natural synergy, with an independent renewable energy source that enables large-scale application of the BioRock technique.


Coastal Protection

Creating an active break-water to protect shores from erosion and enhance beaches.

  • 72% cheaper
  • Restores natural breakwater
  • Stronger than concrete
  • Self-repairing
  • A permanent solution
Tourist Attraction

Building a beautiful coral reef right in front of your beach.

  • Corals grow 5 times faster
  • Corals are 20 times more resilient
  • Safe for tourists with low voltage current
  • Custom designed reefs
  • Restoring marine ecosystems
Renewable Energy

Using sustainable wave energy to power limestone accretion.

  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Sustainable solution
  • Innovative technology
  • Working with nature not against
  • Complementing solar at nights and in the winter