Our mission is to utilise wave energy in harmony with the environment to deliver sustainable global solutions.

Core Team


Anne-Marie keeps everyone in check, providing over 10 years’ experience of marine environmetal standards, leading international committees including ETG Ltd (a UK NGO), while being a board member of VCS (USA).

Dr Anne-Marie Warris

Dr Anne-Marie Warris


Will has a PhD in Extreme Ocean Waves and a degree in Civil Engineering from Imperial College. He has 15 years’ experience in management, engineering and numerical modelling.

Dr Will Bateman

Dr Will Bateman

Business Lead

Tara has a Civil Engineering degree from UCL and leads the Business Development while providing expertise in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering. She has 5 years’ experience in management and engineering in the energy sector.

Tara Massoudi

Tara Massoudi

Control Systems

Andrew is a senior lecturer at the University of Bath. Working with two PhD students and a post Doc, Andrew leads the design and optimisation of the power-take-off system.

Dr Andrew Hillis

Dr Andrew Hillis

Materials Scientist

Willy has a degree in Chemical Physics from Edinburgh University and leads our composite material research and development.

PhD Student William Jamieson

William Jamieson

Numerical Modelling

Caitlin has a degree in Aerospace & Aerothermal engineering from Cambridge University and leads our numerical modelling.

PhD Student Caitlin Worden Hodge

Caitlin Worden Hodge

Mechanical Engineer

Nikola has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and is one of our structural design engineers and CAD specialist. He has 10 years’ experience in engineering design, is one of the original members of the team.

Nikola Pilipovic

Nikola Pilipovic

Software Engineer

Gavriil has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from University of Crete and runs our software development. He loves annoying IT problems.

Gavriil Chaviaras

Gavriil Chaviaras

Student Team

Materials and Processes

Florian has completed the first year of his Master’s, studying Material and Processes at Ecole Centrale de Nantes.

Florian Guillebeaud

Florian Guillebeaud

Hydrodynamics and Marine

Adrien has completed the first year of his Master’s degree, studying Hydrodynamics and Marine engineering at Ecole Centrale de Nantes.

Adrien Metay

Adrien Metay

Fluid mechanics and Computing

Abel has a Master’s degree in Fluids mechanics from the ENSEIRB - Matmeca of Bordeaux.

Abel Aibout-Sibille

Abel Aibout-Sibille


Our partners bring unique capabilities and innovative solutions to the team, with a shared vision of improving the environment and supporting the prosperity of developing countries.

Collectively, we aim to accelerate the development of CCell to offer communities sustainable solutions, effectively making use of the vast local resources. Our consortium’s expertise lies in marine and offshore engineering, system’s control, robotics, structural analysis and numerical modelling.

University of Bath


UCL Engineering




Wave Energy Scotland

Fortissimo project

Forsea project

And our honoured but private investors.


With the help of our investors, we have demonstrated substantial progress over the last two years. Join us in the next stage of our journey and help make wave energy a compelling renewable energy source of the future.

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